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Sprinkler systems are the most widespread fire protection systems and use water as an extinguishing agent. Fires are quickly recognized and attacked selectively - only where it is actually burning, the sprinklers are active. Sprinkler protection is required in numerous buildings and is even mandatory in all areas of industry and trade, including buildings with flammable constructions or building materials, as well as in rooms with flammable contents.

Common areas of application of sprinkler systems are for instance industrial enterprises, exhibition and manufacturing halls, hospitals, garages as well as storage, meeting and sales rooms. It is essential to protect these rooms and buildings from the fire, but at the same time to keep them from being damaged by too excessive amounts of water during the extinguishing process. There is special expertise in the integration of sprinkler technology in high-bay warehouses.

The amount of water required for the plant is dependent on how the building is used and therefore, the exact and absolutely precise calculation is the decisive factor for success. This requires precise planning and makes it important to find the right technical approach. Too much water will cause unnecessarily large collateral damage, too little water endangers the successful suppression. Whether for wet, dry, tandem or pilot-operated drying machine - we know which requirement suits which system type.

You can rely on our expertise:

We know the technological approach that fits and how an optimally designed plant must be designed and built and would gladly advise you extensively, according to your individual requirements.

Areas of application for sprinkler systems include:

  • industrial enterprises
  • production halls
  • places of assembly
  • storerooms
  • garages
  • sales outlets
  • exhibition halls
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • etc.

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