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By highly qualified , trained staff with years of experience in the fire protection sector, the TBS fire protection systems GmbH is known optimal solutions and measures for the installation of fire protection systems in accordance with the above and the standards required to work individually and install.

During the initial phase, the TBS Fire Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. was - then known as TBS Installation Service GmbH - as a subcontractor for leading installer of fire protection systems.

Her the entire process with the design, prefabrication and assembly was soon entrusted by competent collaboration.


From the year 2000, the TBS Fire Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. specialized trades in the TBS GmbH, on the establishment of FM systems and was already well-known through service and individual service, consulting, design, installation, maintenance and 24 -hour emergency service companies from the automotive, paper, manufacturing and wood industries are among their regular customers .

In 2000, the TBS Fire Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. introduced the quality management system. The certifications are renewed every year since then


From 2002 she also received the VdS approval for the construction of water spray systems, installation of sprinkler systems and installation of fire alarm systems and installed since these systems in accordance with applicable policies and standards throughout Germany and Europe.


Since 2003, TBS fire protection systems - at that time TBS GmbH - ISO 9001 certified.


The TBS Fire Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. established fire protection systems throughout Europe . She specializes in rehabilitation of Altsprinkleranlagen, high-bay warehouse and is also governed known for the installation of fire protection systems in the most fire-prone wood and paper industry.


Since 2006 it has been a framework contract partner of BMW AG with the plants in Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg, Krefeld, Berlin and Leipzig, and since 2014 a framework contract partner of Daimler AG with the plants in Sindelfingen, Kassel and Untertürkheim, among others.

In addition, further major construction projects for Daimler AG, BMW AG and MK4 Hirschgarten in Munich were won in the current reporting year.


The company name in the TBS fire protection systems GmbH carried out in 2009, as well as the registration and protection of the TBS brand fire protection systems GmbH in the German Patent and Trademark Office.


In the second half of 2020, the sole shareholder of TBS Brandschutzanlagen GmbH, Joachim Zimmer, initiated the sales pitch with Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Frankfurt am Main (DBAG)  to optimize TBS Brandschutzanlagen GmbH in the future.


Consistent with the contract dated as of December 18, 2020, all shares of TBS Brandschutzanlagen GmbH were sold to Fire Holding GmbH, Kirchheim near Munich, a portfolio company sold by DBAG. With the approval of the Competition Authorities, the sale was completed at the end of January 2021.