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However, there are also many cases in which a wet extinguishing agent cannot be used. Then gas is used.

In other cases, such as in hazardous materials stores or hydraulic systems with flammable liquids or electronic devices, a fire can only be effectively contained with gas - a wet extinguishing agent would be unsuitable due to the residues. With gas extinguishing systems, on the other hand, there is no residue of the extinguishing agent, which means that consequential damage can almost be ruled out. The most known gas extinguishing agent is CO2, which stops the combustion process by reducing the oxygen content in the air.

It is recommended with flammable liquids / gases or electrical / electronic devices. The gas extinguishing agents Argon and Inergen offer comparable modes of action. Due to their nature, gas extinguishing agents are ideal when consequential damage caused by extinguishing agents / extinguishing agent residues must be avoided.

You can rely on our expertise:

We know the technological approach that fits and how an optimally designed plant must be designed and built and would gladly advise you extensively, according to your individual requirements.

Gas extinguishing systems are used in the following areas:

  • Dangerous goods stores
  • machine tools
  • Paint and powder coating booths
  • metal processing
  • hydraulic systems
  • archives
  • IT equipment
  • turbines
  • Switchgear and control systems
  • transformers