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Foam Fire Extinguishing Systems

Sometimes, water alone is not sufficient to ensure the successful firefighting , such as flammable liquids. Then a foam extinguishing system is the right solution. Here the water air and a foaming agent is added. It is produced by the spraying a foam blanket that covers the fire and so cut off from the supply of oxygen - to extinguish the fire and cooled at the same time.

Depending on the application requirement, the system can be designed for light, medium or heavy foam, so that even with this technique, a coordinated solution is always possible. We analyze the situation and develop in close cooperation with the customer the right solution. Areas of foam extinguishing systems are for example:

  • incinerators
  • chemical industry
  • refineries
  • power plantsm
  • maintenance hangar
  • logistics warehouses with high plastic content
  • offshore and ships
  • tire warehousecoal silosp
  • pipeline pumping stations
  • petroleum tanks including reception facilities