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  1. Fire Protection  



How can a fire be quickly extinguished without endangering human life?

We answer this question with maximum thoroughness in each of our projects again and again. During our initial visit to set up your fire protection system, we take a close look at the local conditions and structural situations. Based on this thorough inspection, we draw up a requirement-specific fire protection concept, which is tested on the basis of all quality standards of all common institutes and quality offices. At the same time, we make sure that we do not use anything that is not really necessary.


With this combination of highest precision, maximum quality and a top price-performance ratio, we have gained an excellent reputation with numerous customers in a wide variety of industries, such the automotive, manufacturing and chemical ones.

Since 2006, for example, we have been the framework contract partner of BMW AG with the plants in Munich, Dingolfing, Regensburg, Krefeld and Leipzig, and since 2014 we have been the framework contract partner of Daimler AG, including the plants in Sindelfingen, Kassel and Untertürkheim.




In view of the particularly dangerous development of fire in paper warehouses, additional thermal imaging cameras are installed to provide optimum protection:

They immediately signal whether the temperature in the paper warehouse is such that there is a risk of fire.

This is just one of many examples of how we really think fire protection through to the end.