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Fire protection

Fire protection systems / sprinkler systems are generally used for mechanical control and suppression of fires. These systems are connected networks of pipes that are located on the ceiling / under the roof to a water supply. Are to this pipe network at regular intervals sprinkler / spray nozzles, from which emerges in case of fire water. The water is released automatically when the left in the sprinkler trigger element - usually a glass bulb or fusible link also - heated to or above its response. Shatter the glass bulb or fusible link melts the, whereby the water is under pressure to escape. By fastened to the baffle plate sprinklers, the water is umbrella-shaped sprayed over the fire.

Each sprinkler is triggered independently of the other.

A distinction is made, inter alia, between wet systems, dry systems, deluge and preaction systems - depending on requirements, fire hazard class and hazard potential.

There are many different sprinkler corresponding trigger temperatures and specifications. The design and construction of these facilities is done according to existing guidelines and expert opinion.

The water supply to a sprinkler system must be sufficient not only for the supply of the sprinklers, but also cover the hydrants required. Various sources of supply such as this are Public water supply or the construction of a water reservoir. The water supply required is calculated by hydraulic calculation by the pipe network.

With detected pressure drop by triggering a sprinkler fire protection systems solved by also installed fire detection technology from a fire alarm.

In case of fire there is a need to alert the fire department.

The cooperation with the appropriate on-site fire brigade is essential, as this is also called in case of fire. Based on the off-hook from the installation company site location plans, manuals and functional descriptions, as well as admissions staff the fire department may establish contact with the fire quickly.

Required sprinkler consists, inter alia, closed in all buildings with combustible structures or combustible materials, in non-combustible buildings with flammable contents, in concealed cavities with combustible constructions (floors, roofs), in canopies of loading ramps, in caged systems (ovens, dust collectors, spray booths, etc.), in construction (stairwells, roof structures, etc.), connecting corridors, storage rooms, elevator shafts, below channels, platforms and hoods on exposed steel components of process equipment (tanks, etc.), in addition to all structures that hinder the installed above sprinklers and their spray action.

For several years, the fire safety in all sectors of the industry and the craft is required by public authorities and actuarially. Through the installation of fire protection systems, the fire and fire insurance premiums reduce to a not inconsiderable degree.

The design of sprinkler systems is carried out in Europe in accordance with rules of the VdS Association of Property Insurers, NFPA - American standard, according to the guidelines of the FM Factory mutural and considers the risk of fire in the protected areas and establishment of water impact. Inspections of installed systems made ​​by the relevant authorities and experts.

All components used in these systems are tested, certified and subject to permanent control by the authorities referred to above.

Fire protection systems shall be installed only by certified, tested, and thus recognized and accredited company.